Follow your Divine Compass with Jacqueline


I had the pleasure of interviewing and photographing Jacqueline C. The artist and magical spirit behind @Jeditree and our ConsciousXplorer ambassador on what tools and strategies she uses to follow her divine compass. This girl is not just the creator of a good vibe brand, but a true example of how the smallest thought of love can play a positive role in someone’s day and life…

I ask Jackie how she got started on her spiritual journey and who inspired her to seek that part of herself. She explains to me that her mom has always been the “hippie” with a collection of metaphysical books who encouraged her to read them. She tells me she had never felt the desire to take interest in them until one day, she did. I guess that’s how it happens, I’ve heard this saying go that the teacher appears when the student is ready.
I ask, what do you think your purpose is? 
She tells me she sees this world as a class room. “I see it this way” she says “life is like school, some of us are here to teach, some of us are here to learn, and then there’s those who don’t even want to go school”. She has the funniest analogies. “I’m here to serve, to make people happy, I want to give and let people know I love them, even if it’s just with a smile”.
“I’m pretty sure I’ve lived many lives, I feel like I’ve been here before” it doesn’t take much into the conversation to feel a mature, intuitively wise spirit about this girl and she does it all with the rawest humor, you can’t help but to want to be around her.

I tell her, that as a healer myself  I can take people’s energy in very fast and easily which is great because it helps me connect but it can also be depleting. I ask her what does she do to protect herself? Sometimes it can be draining, what do you do to protect your energy from being exhausted when other people’s vibes are not so positive. “Good vibes matter!” she says, “and if the vibes ain’t right, then it don’t matter”. I crack up.

She tells me that her mom taught her this spiritual tactic. “As soon as I step out the door I visualize a bubble surrounding me, you can add anything you want inside of it, anything that makes you feel good, angels, glitter, whatever helps. “This is the bubble of protection and nothing can come in it once you’re armed with it.” She tells me we have two options, we either let the “bad” come into it and permeate it or we use it as a protective shield, but most importantly it’s about being conscious of the energy itself to be able to make that choice.
Also, meditation is her drug of choice, “meditation is medication” she says. She’s as entertaining with her words as she is grounding. She replenishes by making sure she has a lot of time for herself. “You are who you really are when you are alone”. Wow, I mean, think about it? that’s pretty profound. What do you do when no one is watching or in the secret intricacies of your intimate life? What do you say about yourself and about others when no one is listening or no one can hear you? If no one knew what you do would you still consider what you do important? if you had no one to congratulate you or admire you for it would it still matter? I believe that’s the truest form of who we are so her statement resonates deeply. She tells me that she has found being alone restorative and important to staying true to who she really is. ” I really enjoy my company” she tells me, after all, if you don’t enjoy you, why should anyone else? …
Learn more about Jackie and her inspiring vibes by visiting her on ig @Jeditree
-Olga Maria Marroquin

Summer Solstice: Flower Crown Gathering

Summer Solstice Flower Crown Gathering

The Summer Solstice is upon us, the time of year that seems like the sun never sets and nature bursts into life. The promise of balmy, warmer days ahead is considered to be a time to develop yourself, to set yourself free and to nurture yourself. Just as the plant life begins ripening, this is a time to celebrate our own self-growth.

Flower crowns have long been a symbol of rebirth and growth. Join ConsciousXplorer for an intimate afternoon creating flower crowns to symbolize your blossoming energies. We will learn about the significance of flower crowns across cultures, discuss the meanings behind specific flowers and colors, meditate on our journeys, and then create!

BYOB &  Fresh pressed natural juices from conscious cafe will be provided.

Early Bird tickets $30.00 purchase after June 10th will be $40.00

ticket sales end June 15th

Purchase tickets HERE

Mindful Market Place – Pop Up Shop

mindful market place 2

Hello friends,

If you haven’t yet heard, we are currently prepping to bring you a mindful shopping experience. Our intention is to create a place for artists, social-conscious thinkers and makers to bring a carefully curated market that inspires and connects you to the product and the maker of it. Christine our Community Director has thoughtfully selected each vendor to create a flow of art and wellness which include, essential oil products, Cultural goods, healthy baked goods, hand-bags, Jewelry, hand-made soaps and lotions, Massage, Reiki, Tea blends, Candles, Chicana T-shirts, Art, Toys, Stickers, Glass Terrariums, Flower Arrangements, Plants, Mesoamerican/Aztec Calendar Tool, Ayurvedic Consultations, Art, etc…


We will also be sneaking in some workshops through the day and so happy to introduce Conscious Cafe at the event! (so many great things happening here at ConsciousXplorer, eeeek!)


 We are so very excited for our very 1st Pop up shop and cant wait for you all to come explore, connect, and get inspired as you shop our community of thoughtful creators! Here are some of our mindful vendors, make sure to follow us on Intragram and Facebook to get a full list as the day approaches. Cant wait to see you all!

Hoods & Wood
Filipino Kitchen
Archetypes Design

Madre de la perla
Stacy Erenberg
Colectivo Mariposas
Tonalpohualli Iamoxtli

LittleXplorer is HERE!


ConsciousXplorer had a baby and we are so happy to announce it’s here!

LittleXplorer is a collection of carefully and culturally curated pieces that are environmentally friendly. Each piece contains within a special, unique story for your child to consciously start exploring the world and all the beauty in it’s differences and similarities. Our aim is to bring inspiration and consciousness through everyday goods your little ones can touch, see, smell and wear! As our inauguration, we will roll out new items all week.
I had the pleasure of working with a special artisan in Guatemala who hand makes each shoe. They are made with recycled materials including re-used Mayan/ Guatemalan Huipile (Regional, traditional blouses). They then cut the blouses to design each shoe, therefore no 2 pairs are alike, making each and everyone completely unique.
Stay tuned this week for updates and new items! In the mean time, shop our new line here!
With love: Olga Maria Marroquin

Customized Blend Option on our site today!

We are so excited to offer this new option on our site today…



custom pic2
Now you can place an order with us for your very own custom Feel Good Blend!

Whether this blend is for you or a special gift for someone, you will feel pampered and elated through this aromatic, healing potion that soothes your mind and your spirit as you wear and enjoy.

Want to find out how you can help design your very own special brew? Click HERE and we will help you get started!

*now special introductory price for this month

Yoga: Hair & Body Spray coming to our shop tomorrow!

YOGA Blend

Were excited to add a new product to our “Feel Good- Do Good” line on our ConsciousXplorer Shop (Live tomorrow), well be touring around the City to bring light to the healing benefits of these beautiful products so stay tuned! In the mean time ,we have done all the research for you, read on and find out how these products can benefit your heart and your body.

Made with a blend of essential oils that help us:

Release (let go): trapped, stuck emotions, negativity, anger, depression, helps us to go with the flow and trust the process. Physically: helps release toxins, cleanses out the system and tones skin while soothing tight tense muscles, joints and promotes circulation.

Breathe: breathe in possibilities and courage. Physically: Aids the the respiratory system.
Focus: Helps with meditation and to “live in the moment”

Essential oils break down:

Cardamom: Physically – Promotes clear breathing and helps with stomach discomfort. Energizing. Emotionally – helps you deal with anger issues.
Cypress: Physically – Assists with clear breathing, promotes healthy respiratory function, soothes tight tense muscles,promotes circulation blood flow, good for oily skin. Energizing, refreshing,  helps to remove toxins. Joint health. Reduces swelling, lower blood pressure, Astringent, which means it helps to tighten muscles, this promotes firming and toning of all skin areas.
Emotionally– Helps to release stuck emotions,because it is grounding yet stimulating it helps with times of transitions and loss. Helps us to go with the flow and trust the process.
Juniper Berry: Physically – Blood circulation, detoxifying, relieves swelling, purifying, promotes urination (water weight release) perspiration, , Sudorific (promotes sweating), all of these factors help to release toxins. Astringent and tonic, helps to tighten various system in the body, this includes muscles, skin, respiratory, circulation, nervous and digestive system. Emotionally – Helps to face fears and has an encouraging effect as a person navigates through spirituality and their emotions. Can help to overcome nightmares.
Ylang-Ylang: Physically – promotes healthy skin and hair, hormonal balance, antidepressant, helps speed up healing, lowering blood pressure, helps strengthen the nervous system and repair damage.
Emotionally -“Oil of the heart” helps us connect and heal. Lifts mood while calming. This allows us to live in the present.
Frankincense: Physically – Effective in promoting a healthy immune system, skin and hair health. Helps with fading of stretch mark and other skin marks and wounds. Digestive system. It’s considered a tonic as it benefits all the systems in the body. Helps lower stress and anxiety.
Emotionally – This is a high vibrational oil used for thousands of years for prayer and meditation.

Let’s Meet tonight!

tictail meet up


Hello friends and fellow creatives. Were looking forward to tonight’s global meetup with Tictail, home to the world’s best independent brands – where we sell our Feel Good (Essential Oil) Blends, Art, Cultural Goods and cXp Community workshops. Here’s a link to the shop: Anyway! The event is taking place in 17 different cities around the world tonight September 30th from 7 – 9 pm and ConsciousXplorer is co-hosting the Chicago event at Dusek’s Punch House and we would love for you to stop by and join if you’re around! Would be great to chat, answer any questions you may have about our products, our workshops or maybe how we can collaborate? or just join us for some punch and meet other creatives!

Here click HERE for more info:  Chicago Global Meet up

Hope to meet you tonight!

cxp vision board

Excited about our Feng Shui workshop this Saturday 8/15 at Trigger Chicago! 10 am – 1pm.

It’s FREE! Come one, come all.
YOU bring: magazines, photos, printouts, scissors, adhesive

WE provide: boards, light refreshments and guidance

Please RSVP We’ve developed an amazing agenda for all guests!

3 Sisters Workshop

Last Saturdays Workshop went a little something like this:

Wellness, Meditation, Art and a little Soul searching… Creative Women Society